Brooke & Dylan

Caker Couple
Brooke and Dylan met when they were 16 and 18, as young teenagers do these days they met through Facebook and mutual friends. For their first date Dylan took them out to dinner at the viaduct and then for a drive to Mission Bay for ice cream. They are very similar but also very different, Dylan is the extrovert always encouraging them to meet new people and try new things and Brooke is the introvert encouraging them to be kind and to look after the environment. Together, they make the perfect team. They are both passionate about the garden and being outdoors, they are lucky enough to have all the space they need at their property where they maintain a large vegetable garden, beehives and a greenhouse. Dylan is also very passionate about Land Cruisers so they had to have one as part of the wedding, of course…
Can you write a short paragraph about yourself - you can talk about anything at all.
Our wedding day was truely magic. We would not change a single detail. We both wanted it to be casual and feel like a big party and that is exactly how it turned out. We had no bridal party, no sit down dinner and no arranged setting (just a beautiful big garden lounge). My dad walked me down the aisle while Buster Caitcheon (the most beautiful singer - look him up) sung us down the aisle. Following the ceremony we planted a cherry tree together. The wedding was in our family garden. Which is a Balinese tropical style garden with beautiful palm trees, buddhas and large ponds. We had 110 guests on a beautiful sunny afternoon. We shared a big platter and had the best food from our friends at Double Parked who run an epic food truck. We had beer taps out of the back of Dylan’s truck and I created a Gin Bar (which was a real hit). We played games, shared emotional speeches and then ate the best damn cake. Then we danced the night away with 5 straight hours of boogying on the dance floor. The most special day which we will cherish forever.
Tell us about your cake and why you chose it…
We were lucky enough to have two cakes. One from the wonderful Caker and the other a giant cookie cake from Moustache. Our Caker cake was the Triple Berry Trifle cake which we both had loved years prior and knew it was the one even before the tasting. It is so delicious and beautiful with the soft pink cream cheese icing. The cakes were such a hit at the wedding. I was secretly hoping they wouldn’t be so popular we could have more left over. We still have one slice each waiting in the freezer for a rainy day.
What are your tips for planning a wedding?
Remember it is your day. No one else’s. Surround yourself with those who love you and with your most favourite foods. Don’t forget the little details like a cake knife, a pen for signing, and tissues to wipe away the happy tears. Always always have a weather back up plan (and try and plan it so it will still be beautiful). At the end of the day if things don’t go exactly as planned as long as you have people who love you and delicious food nothing
else matters.
How do you spend an ideal day off together?
We love going on adventures, you will usually find us camping around our beautiful country with our dog.