Wedding Cakes

My team and I are here to make your dream wedding cake, towering and delicious, to be savoured with those you love on your special day.

Currently accepting inquiries for Los Angeles weddings only <3

Choosing your Flavors

Please visit the main menu to select the flavor/s for your cake/s!

We usually have 2 rotating montly flavors, which depending on the season can usually be made available at a future date, but it's best to stick to the core menu when it comes to wedding cakes. Please email [email protected] if you have questions or special requests.

For larger weddings / events (50 guests and over) I'm happy to offer a box of 2 - 4 cake tasters, for $20 - $40, which then gets taken off the final cost of the order. If this is something you'd like we can arrange pick up of the samples for you to take home and enjoy in your own time.


The Process

Fill out the below form so we can get the ball rolling! From there we can discuss over email or the phone if you prefer.

We don't typcially need more than one month's notice for an order, and prefer to not take orders more than 6 months in advance.

Depending on the amount, we typcially require a 50% deposit to confirm your order, the remaining balance will be due a month before the wedding date.


I can make your whole cake eggless, vegan and/or gluten-free or provide a smaller cake for your guests who need these options. Making different tiers vegan or gluten free is unsuitable due to cross contamination. My team functions out of a small kitchen so please be aware we can't cater to coeliacs or those with serious allergies. All of our cakes contain ground nuts.


Every Caker wedding cake is an individual creation.

We love to adorn cakes with fresh roses and/or seasonal flowers and always steer clear of any unnatural food coloring and fondants. Alternatively I can provide you with an iced wedding cake ready for your florist to work their magic on.


You or someone you trust can collect your wedding cake on the day of, or the day before your wedding. My team will ensure your cake is safely packaged and that you are well informed on how to transport your cake. We don't deliver unless it's close to DTLA (this can b discussed), but can suggest some alternate courier options for those who simply cannot come in to collect.

Enquire about a Wedding Cake

If you have an overseas number, please enter your country code


We are only accepting inquiries for LA weddings <3

We can make our cakes gluten-free, vegan or possibly both! Please note, we are unable to cater to any serious allergies as we work in such a small kitchen. If you need to cater to a few guests with allergies we would recommend grabbing some minicakes and not making a tier of your cake vegan or gluten free as this will definitely cause cross-contamination.

Sizing & pricing

The largest tiered cake I make feeds 80 people with generous dessert serves. If your wedding is for more than 80 people, I can supplement your tiered cake with service cakes, minicakes and / or babycakes! Our size options are as follows...

24 dessert slices (single tier, 4 layer)

starting from $220

+ Flowers


35-40 dessert slices (2 tiers)

starting from $350

+ Flowers


50-60 dessert slices (2 or 3 tiers)

starting from $550

2 tier


+ Flowers


3 tier


+ Flowers


70-85 dessert slices (2 or 3 tiers)

starting from $750

2 tier


+ Flowers


3 tier


+ Flowers



Staring from $100

10 x minicakes, in one flavour


+ spray roses



Staring from $100

30 x babycakes, in one flavour


+ spray roses