Courtney & Connor

Caker Couple
Connor and I met while we were both living on the infamous Castle Street, Dunedin back in our second year of University. We were one of very few couples to stay together post Uni and have never stopped having fun, eight years on. We are always keen to try new things, adore a good road trip, are forever seeking out new places to travel, love an ocean swim and spending quality time with our friends and family.
How was the process of choosing your wedding cake?
The most fun! We picked up four minis from The Caker, took them home - luckily just around the corner - quickly made tea and dug in. There were a lot of 'yummm' moments. We actually loved them all so picking two was tricky but we felt the Banana Dark Chocolate & Lemon Raspberry were classics that our guests would love.
What advice would you give to a couple just starting to plan their wedding?
Enjoy the process! The idea that planning a wedding has to be stressful is just a story. Take the time to soak up each moment and remember it's the people that matter. Creating a positive vibe is super important and that includes vendors. Every single person has an effect on the atmosphere!
Tell us about your wedding day?
Our wedding day was dreamy, filled with a huge amount of love and emotion. I don't think there was a dry eye to be seen! It was a relaxed atmosphere with all of our favourite people. We were both blown away with how it all came together...our family bach was completely transformed! The sun was shining with a hint of an ocean breeze cutting through the heat followed by a magnificent cotton candy sunset. Mother nature put on a show and we all felt so grateful for that.
How do you two spend a quiet Sunday together?
Slow mornings with a bit of reading in bed and cuddles with our dog Lottie. A perfect Sunday would include pancakes with berries for breaky - Connors fave & of course a walk at the local park to keep our fur baby happy.
In what ways are you both similar and in what ways do you differ?
We both have the same values and love to daydream about our future together. In terms of differences, Connor is super practical being a builder, he spends most of his day outside doing physical labour while I as a COO I tend to be found in my office on my laptop sending a few different emails while simultaneously chatting to the team on Zoom...
What are your star signs? Did either of you look up your compatibility?
Connor is a Virgo and I am a Pieces. Yeah! We both enjoy that kind of thing. At one stage all of our friends downloaded the Co-Star App and Connor and I were stoked to learn that we are sister signs and apparently a perfect match, since our signs are exactly opposite from each other in the zodiac.
What's happening next in your lives?
We are currently renovating our first home in Freemans Bay which keeps us both pretty busy and as fairly new business owners we are still navigating the world of Xero and all that comes with self taught accounting. We're really starting to feel like adults these days!
Special thanks to
Photographer - Bek Smith
Florals - Floral Stylist
Dress - Hera Couture
Bridesmaids - Shona Joy
Suits - Rembrandt
Rings - Naveya & Sloan
Catering - Cote Catering
Marquee & furniture - LL Hire
Planner - Ferns and Things
Videographer - Sophie Hallwright
Makeup - Beauty by Alexandra
Hair - Inspired Hair