I’m Jordan Rondel

I grew up in Auckland, New Zealand, but my obsession, and I mean obsession, for baking was born from spending my holidays in Paris with my grandparents. As I grew up the kitchen became my domain. Being completely self-taught meant I had the freedom to bend the rules and push the boundaries of traditional baking, and I developed a unique style of my own.

In 2010 when I was 21 I made a life-changing decision - I turned my passion into a career and officially became The Caker. I built a made-to-order cake business selling home-made style cakes that taste even better than they look - super moist, fudgey ones bursting with flavor. I became the go-to baker for fashion events, art gallery openings and high-end parties. I was making cakes cool again.

Eventually, my sister Anouk joined me as co-owner of the compnay. The bakery was pumping out hundreds of cakes a day, I had several published books under my belt and I was dubbbed a celebrity baker and was garnering an international following. But I wanted more - I wanted to provide great cakes to an even wider audience. So I spent the next few years developing a line of luxury make-at-home cake kits.

As the brand continued to grow and I was getting demand from all over the world for my cake kits, I decided to expand operations into the USA. Now I live in Los Angeles, where I'm continuing to expand my brand. As it turns out, I am still completely synonymous with my brand - I am The Caker. And so you, lovely person reading this, are by default part of my story, and that means a great deal to me.

I am just an email away if you ever want to get in touch about baking, being a woman in business, or about working together. You can also listen to my podcasts, watch videos or read interviews I’ve done.

So much love,

Jordan x