Jasmin & Roman

Caker Couple
Jasmin is one of those people who you meet and are instantly in awe of. She has the warmest presence and is amazingly talented in her role at Little Bird Organics (one of my favourite eateries). These may be her wedding photos but she truly looks this beautiful on a daily basis. As a couple they just ooze ‘cool’ and are so lovely to be around.
Name and occupation of you and your partner:
Roman – Threebyone NZ National Sales Manager
Jasmin – Little Bird Organics Marketing Manager
How did you two meet?
We met through one of our groomsman Marshall, who is also Romans cousin. It was almost ten years ago at a high school party and ironically, Roman was actually trying to set me up with Marshall…
A couple of weeks later, we bumped into each other on a night out (both heavily intoxicated…) and our relationship blossomed from there.
Tell us abit about your wedding...
We wanted to keep everything quite simple and intimate. What truly made our wedding so special was that essentially it was created and put together by all of our family and friends. Our venue was my in-laws’ beautiful home, catering was from a school friend, Amber of A Simple SoulFood and my boss and dear friend Megan May of Little Bird Organics, set up by an army of family and friends and of course our stunning cake by The Caker. We also used olive branches and fennel from the garden to create our table runners, collected figs and pears from the garden for the platters and salads and our archway was made from branches collected by Roman’s boss Dave. My wedding dress and all of the bridesmaids dresses were created by two very talented friends and bridesmaids, Esther and Kama, Elvis inspired bow ties by a friend Cait, Flower Girl Tamara’s crown by my brother’s girlfriend Ying, videography by our groomsman Ben and overall our biggest help was my mother Julie who helped us plan everything from start to finish, ran many errands for us and stayed up late with us the night before collecting greenery and making table runners.
Tell us about your cake and why you chose it...
We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful or delicious cake – it was just perfect. It was an incredibly hard pick with all the delicious flavour options, but we settled on the Lemon Raspberry with nearly naked icing, decorated with freeze dried figs and green hydrangeas. It was so delicious that I spent more time crouched over the dessert table with friends polishing off slices of cake than on the dance floor…
What would your number one tip to someone planning a wedding be?
Expect that things won’t go to plan. In the final week before our wedding, many things didn’t go to plan… Roman’s grandfather sadly passed away just one week before the wedding and so it was a very emotional and busy time for us and the family. The Saturday up until the Wednesday before the wedding suddenly became filled with family commitments and honouring his grandfather. It was a very sad time, as he had been so looking forward to the wedding and the day after he passed Roman’s mother was supposed to go shopping for his suit and get a card for him to write in for us. Things continued to go wrong, with someone backing into my car and the original make-up artist we had booked cancelling due to a family emergency the day before the wedding. I also had a severe allergic reaction to my eyelash extensions which luckily didn’t set-in until the evening of the wedding, so I highly recommend trialing anything new well in advance before your big day and having a backup plan for everything. I’d also say, don’t sweat the small stuff. At the end of the day, everyone you love is there to see you get married and celebrate your love and they won’t even notice if any of those minor details are missing. Enjoy and soak in as much of the day as you can, as it will go by so quickly.
What is yours and Roman's ideal Sunday?
Our ideal Sunday is how we typically spend them during Summer. He likes to sleep in, while I tend to be an early riser. I’ll go to a class at SALA or Reform Fitness, pick up fruit and vegetables for the week from La Cigale and then make a pit-stop at Daily Bread to get some bread and pastries to bring home. I always find morning movement incredibly meditative and it sets me up for a good day ahead. By the time I get home, he’s just rising out of bed and we’ll enjoy some pastries and coffee together. If the weather is beautiful out, he likes to get out on his bike for a quick ride and I might meet up with some friends for a coffee. We’ll then head to the beach or his parents place for a swim. If it’s a beautiful evening, we’ll have a charcoal BBQ at home with a bottle of red wine – lying on the beach planning what we want to cook before setting off to Farro and sometimes down to The Fish Market to pick up fresh ingredients on our way home from the beach.